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Apedemak BreakfastHOTOmelet - Potatoes - Salad - Sausages – Hash Brown - Bruschetta200 SDG
Intercontinental BreakfastOmelet - Cheese - Salad - Martidela - Hash Brown - Bruschetta200 SDG


ChorizoFried meatballs - lettuce - tomatoes - sauce - Hash Brown - pickles140 SDG
Chicking HeroCrispy Chicken Breast-Sauce-Lettuce-Tomato-Hash Brown-liquid cheese-Pickled170 SDG
Chicken MacGrilled chicken slices –Green Pepper-Tomatoes-Potatoes-Pickled-Hash Brown160 SDG
Ultimate SteakChopped and grilled steak - lettuce - sauce - Hash Brown - pickles180 SDG
Berger WorrierCheddar Cheese - Lettuce - Tomato - Sauce - Hash Brown - Pickled - With 3 Sauces160 SDG
Fish & Chips4 pieces of fried fish - potatoes - broschetta bread - sauce250 SDG
Bom Bom BurgerBurger double stuffed with cheese - lettuce - tomatoes - sauce - vine - pickled – chili - Hash Brown - with 3 sauces selected220 SDG


MargheritaTomato Sauce with Mozzarella Cheese100 SDG
GardineraTomato sauce with mushrooms,red & green peppers,onions,peas, mozzarella cheese160 SDG
AmericanaTomato Sauce, Mortadella Slices, Olives, Mushrooms, and Mozzarella Cheese190 SDG
Four SeasonsTomato sauce, mushrooms, sausage, chicken, olives and mozzarella cheese190 SDG
Pizza BurgerNEWTomato sauce, 4 pieces of Burger, tomatoes, onions, and mozzarella cheese280 SDG
Ala TunaNEWTomato sauce, tuna, olives and onions200 SDG
Pizza Chicken MacTomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, cheddar cheese190 SDG
Pizza SteakTomato sauce, grilled Beef fillet slices, Chili and mozzarella cheese280 SDG


Spaghetti BologneseSpaghetti with minced meat150 SDG
Spaghetti PomodoroTomato Sauce, Garlic, Spices, and Spice Sauce150 SDG
Pene Ala ArabiataHot and spicy tomato sauce, very very special .....90 SDG
Lasagna MamamiChicken cubes with mozzarella and béchamel sauce220 SDG
Pene Ala FornoBolognese, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese160 SDG
Sophia LorraineMeat balls with tomato sauce180 SDG

Side Dishes

Risotto DiboloRice, chicken cubes, pepper and a touch of Cream170 SDG
Risotto La Verdi(Suitable for vegetarians)140 SDG
Polo MirghaniGrilled chicken breast with herbs served with light black pepper sauce, creamy potatoes, onions, seasonal vegetables and bruschetta270 SDG
Grill SteakChicken breast slices, tandoori sauce, potato wedges, bruschetta250 SDG


French fries70 SDG
Potatoes and wedges80 SDG
Brochette60 SDG
Greek Salad80 SDG


Chocolate Cake120 SDG
Brownies120 SDG
Tiramisu140 SDG
Cheese cake140 SDG
Cookies70 SDG
Cream Brulee90 SDG
Croissant80 SDG
Ferrero Demak120 SDG
Pan Cake140 SDG
Pene Cota120 SDG

Hot Drinks

Turkish Coffee60 SDG
Espresso60 SDG
Americano70 SDG
Café Late90 SDG
Moca60 SDG
Macchiato 60 SDG
Cappuccino80 SDG
Hot chocolate80 SDG
Ice Coffee60 SDG
Tea , with Flavor60 SDG
Tea With Milk70 SDG


Apedemak Drink50 SDG
Red rosette60 SDG
Aradeeb80 SDG
Tabaldi80 SDG
Mineral water15 SDG
Soft Drink20 SDG
Soda30 SDG